Imagine you had a toolbox, a magic toolbox.  And in that toolbox were the fifteen tools you needed to fix anything in your home.  The perfect hammer.  The right screwdriver.  A universal wrench…you get the idea.  So now, no matter what happens, no matter what breaks, no matter what needs fixed, you have the right tools at the ready.

Now imagine you had this for your closet.

At some point, we all look in our closets–closets that are bulging, rails bending, overflowing with things you “had” to have or bought for a special occasion or succumbed to some ill-fated trend–and think, “I have nothing to wear.”  So imagine if, in that moment, you could reach into your magic toolbox and find just the right thing to bring it all together.  The perfect shirt.  The right shoe.  The universal skirt…now we’re thinking.  So now, no matter what you pull out, no matter what your day calls for,  you have the right thing to wear.


Our quest is to curate that wardrobe tool kit that makes getting dressed just a bit easier, every day, for every occasion.  The fifteen things that become the backbone of your closet.  The fifteen things that serve as the perfect backdrop for your favorite pieces, that allow your personal style to shine through.  The fifteen pieces that allow you to buy that thing you can’t live without, and buy it with confidence because you know you have something in your toolbox to make it work.

KARILEEMILLER.com is a daily discussion of fashion, life and everything in between, with an eye to timeless style.  With contributors from the worlds of beauty, wellness, travel, food, wine and more, we’ll curate the elements that stand the test of time.

So go forth and shop with confidence.  We’ve got your back.