STAG 3 years, 1 month ago , by Kari Lee Miller

Austin Menswear Emporium Comes to Venice.  Finally.

For years, my second stop on every trip to Austin–my husband’s hometown–has been STAG Provisions for Men on South Congress.

The name called to me from across the street (or perhaps yodeled?  It is the German-influenced Texas Hill Country after all…).  STAG.  Genius.  Instantly conveys “cool stuff for guys” with just the right amount of Texas swagger and a soupçon of Brooklyn hipster.  Everything about this men’s store is as on-point as the name.  It’s not only the most well-curated menswear store I’ve ever visited, it’s one of the most well-curated retail concepts, period.


And it’s finally landed on Abbott Kinney in Venice.  Hallelujah.  Praise sweet baby Jesus.

The tightly edited collections create a distinct point of view–not one that’s “tribe-y,” but one that invites you to dabble in pieces that might be right up your alley, or right outside your comfort zone.  With names you’ll know like Red Wing, Jack Spade and Timex to names you should like Burkman Bros., Surf Saturdays NYC and H. by Hudson, it’s a place of discovery as much as a place to reconnect with your old friends.


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Especially intriguing, for men and women alike, is the brilliantly compiled assortment of accessories and small leather goods.  Think vintage and vintage-inspired belt buckles (it is a Texas brand, after all), unique wallets, sturdy man-bags, and Johnny Depp-worthy jewelry.  I’ve spent hours getting lost in the collection of books, falling down the rabbit hole into tomes of tattoos or portraits or food.  Gifts for your guy?  Look no further.  I’m especially fond of the scotch-flavored toothpicks from Daneson.

And now I don’t have to get on a plane to find them.

STAG Provision for Men.  1338 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice.  310.450.1991.

By the way, my first Austin stop?  Guero’s Taco Bar across the street.  One word: QUESO.  And some pretty damn good margaritas…


  • The Statement Accessory

  • The Black Dress

  • The Black Jacket

  • The Black Pant

  • The Black Flat

  • The Cardigan

  • The Trench Coat

  • The Grey Sweater

  • The Khaki Pant

  • The Black Legging

  • The Nude Shoe

  • The Black Pencil Skirt

  • The Black Turtleneck

  • The White Shirt

  • The White Tank